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We will be re-launching our website to reflect the changes on June 30, 2020. More infomation on our celebration coming soon!

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Tishawna D. Pritchett has over 29 years experience and education. She is a Licensed Professional Cosmetologist and Board Certified Cosmetology Instructor, specializing in preventative care and hair restoration for women minimizing hair loss and promoting hair growth. While she is sought after in beauty and haircare, she understands that her gifting lies in more areas.  

 Tishawna is a director by nature and has a gift of order and administration. While working behind the chair in hair care, Tishawna has assisted entrepreneurs and organizations with operating in excellence.

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Tishawna is also the Founder of A Beautiful Lady Exploration Center, a non profit organization resource and support for women and families. We help  women to know more, grow more, and do more and help Beauty Professionals to network and continue their education for  professional advancement.  Click here for more with ABLE!


In whatever you do, taking complete care of your whole self is the start to becoming the best you that you can possibly be. You can't pour from an empty glass and can't give much from a broken one. 

Tishawna teaches on self care, healthy relationships, personal and professional management, and more! She gives strategy, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration with strength and boldness helping others to... live life past your past, love yourself more, make time for you, take care of you, go after what you want, believe in you, and through it all... Trust God. 

Hire Tishawna to speak at your next event or contact about coaching services and programs to mentor you into your next season. Click here!

 I'm walking boldly and beautifully in my God given purpose motivating and empowering you to do the same.


Tishawna D. Pritchett​

 Shawn's Hair N More, Beauty and Business Solutions

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There are not many places you can go to truly be uplifted not just because of a cute hairstyle but because the stylist truly cares about her clients as individuals. Yes you will definitely come out looking great but also come out feeling great because this is an atmosphere of empowerment! Tishawna Pritchett is the best stylist around.

Ebony N.

Very professional & comfortable shop. Tishawna is not only professional but is genuinely concerned about your hair and it being healthy. Not to mention a very good stylist.

Patricia V.

Tishawna is the TRUTH! She is extremely knowledgeable about the health of the hair, educates her clients on the same as well as takes the time to learn about her client's hair and the client's desires for their hair. She washes hair awesomely, massages the scalp and blow dries the hair in sections which is hard to find stylists that do that. I could go on and on. U have to see for yourself.

Fonda H.

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