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Enhancing Beauty. Pushing Purpose. Making Memories.

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Tishawna D. Pritchett, a mother, daughter, sister, wife, neighbor, and friend.

Tishawna is a Cosmetologist specializing in healthy haircare and education. She has been providing haircare services for over 30 years and continues to work with women daily to achieve and maintain excellence in haircare.

Tishawna also works to help others to reach new levels personally and professionally. “Watching the fruit manifest from what once was a dream is fulfilling to me”, she says. She enjoys helping others to know their worth and go after their purpose with beauty, grace, knowledge, and confidence!

Tishawna has experience in executive leadership, nonprofit development, and business administration. Tishawna has assisted many entrepreneurs and organizations with building, restructuring, project management, and systems development resulting in exceeding major goals.

EnhancingBeauty. PushingPurpose. MakingMemories.

Tishawna D. Pritchett

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✄ Testimonials ✄

Amanda Shelton​

Mrs. Pritchett is a true servant leader and ambassador of cultivating one's purpose in both personal and business endeavors. Her leadership and guidance has personally helped me to unlock new visions while eliminating one's that don't yield positive or effective results.

Our work together has enabled me to be a better steward of my time which has greatly increased my overall productivity. Mrs. Pritchett has also positively impacted the way I have been able to balance life, religion and business. She is a true sounding board of empowerment and believes in driving growth in people. She does this effortlessly in an environment that is always warm and welcoming but she also promotes personal accountability. Her leadership and spot on personal/professional guidance combined with her unwavering love of God can put anyone on the trajectory of success. Mrs. Pritchett has truly been instrumental in my growth not only as a person and business owner, but she has also restored my faith in God and people.

Tyrell Berkeley

Shawn is by far one of the of the most generous and hardworking woman I know. Starting with her family, the hair industry , her community, outreach and empowerment she's fully invested to making everything and everyone she touches better. From the day I met her several years ago until now she unselfishly added so much value to my life. Over the years taking specific time with me to listen, encourage, educate and also offer critical feedback as well in love. I've never once had to question her loyalty because integrity and honesty are two of her main core values. If you are looking to connect with someone who is educated, authentic and a person who really cares I'd recommend her a few times because she's just that good. Shawn is a world changer and a great asset to whatever is connected to her. I love her and her family dearly. The world is better because of her impact!

Mia Alexander

Best Mentoring Experience! By far one of the most educational and memorable experiences that I’ve had ! Working with Shawn in the salon and outside of the salon through the A.B.L.E center has been a blessing and rewarding learning experience. Learning new things each and everyday from the importance of running a salon and ensuring that clients have an exceptional and safe experience. Relatable discussions about everyday life experiences and how to learn and grow from them. Shawn has always exercised the importance of self- care/love, faith, and confidence in whatever you do. I have implemented each of these lessons into my life, and I must say it has taken me a long way and opened many doors and opportunities. I am forever thankful for Shawn and the many things that she has done and helped me accomplish to become a better cosmetologist and person !

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